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Jimmy Vivino returns to The Extended Play Sessions and The Fallout Shelter for a second time, a sold out house and an evening of blues, soul, rock and surprises with Jesse Williams, Bruce Bears, Mark Texeira and Tyler Morris.

Music that is inspiring, thought provoking, compelling and vitally important constructed out of a street-smart hip-hop MC and a classically trained harpist with an angelic voice. Kuf Knotz and Christine Elise have managed to create a totally unique sound with a much needed message of truth, tolerance and community.

One of the main goals of The Extended Play Sessions is to preserve, promote and advocate for traditional American Roots music. Within that goal we're always trying new ways to educate the audience about historical perspectives and comparisons to different styles of music. The idea was to draw distinctions in the style of music between to those two legendary soul labels and their place in music history in the 1960's.  by putting together a solid revue band made up of some of Boston's best soul players.

Upbeat disillusionment and celebratory fatalism are both common and expected in the clown car of a world we live in today and perhaps The Blue Ribbons find themselves as perfectly placed for the moment in time. The music is good, outstanding, in fact, along with being timely. If ever the envelope of independent music needed a jolt this is the time and this is just the band to push that envelope...at least in these parts.

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In an astonishing display of musicianship at the Fallout Shelter, Wooden Leg, with nothing more than the sound check as a rehearsal for the five players, somehow contained its whirring jam-band energy with a tightness that defied that reality.

It's a crunching classic rock base with heavy influences of folk-rock, jam band and alt-country that create the Jo Henley sound. The songwriting duo of Andy Campolieto and Ben Lee have been collaborating about the existential meaning of life for the better part of two decades.

We went retro for this edition of The Extended Play Sessions with a very smooth throwback to the Mid-Century lounge jazz sound of Julie London, Rosemary Clooney and Astrud Gilberto. Les Sampou and the Dirty Martinis brought the house down with this cool evening of jazz and pop standards with a "high-ball" flare.

Lead singer Kevin Harvey and his band are sonic shape shifters of the first order. Whether it’s blues, folk, soul, country, gospel or New Orleans swing, they purvey it with skill, aplomb and pure honesty. Blessed with a voice eerily reminiscent of Grammy winning country sensation Chris Stapleton, Harvey possesses in that instrument the ability to convey all those shades, and more.

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Kemp Harris is one of the most compelling and entertaining shows we've seen at the legendary Fallout Shelter. Back for a second stint on The Extended Play Sessions this was an incredible, moving experience for the sold out crowd.

One of the most notable and prolific players of the Hammond B3 organ is jazz great Jimmy Smith. The Extended Play Sessions pays tribute to Jimmy Smith with the Ken Clark Trio and guest Bobby Hickman with a set of music from the Verve Recordings 1962-66.

Armed with a crack band of young and accomplished players, Sonya Rae Taylor is securing her spot as one of the rising stars of the rich Boston music scene. Her brand of rhythmic, soulful blues with a sharp pop edge is a refreshing departure from the standard shred-as-you-go blues basics.

From the opening salvo this was going to be a night for the jazz ages at The Fallout Shelter. Julien Kasper was a highlight reel from the start. He conjured up visions of Jeff Beck, Pat Metheny or Chet Atkins...masters of harmonic tone, elaborate chord progressions and mind boggling technique.

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The newest version of the Boston Blues All-Stars...Anthony Geraci, Dennis Brennan and Mudcat Ward welcome Troy Gonyea on guitar and Jeff Armstrong od drums to the championship team!

The Meters, The Nevilles, Alan Toussaint, Chocolate Milk even back to Fats Domino and Lee Dorsey all find their DNA in the Krewe de Groove sound. While those great New Orleans artists influenced a million musicians to follow, many don't know the origins and draw from the influences quite as openly as Krewe de Groove do...certainly not this far north of the Crescent City anyway.

Seth is releasing a new album later this month called "Keep On Turning" with a collection of originals and a few tastily prepared covers and he ran through most of the albums original songs during this performance on The Extended Play Sessions. Having a great band allowed the songs to breathe and develop, highlighting the intricacy of the melodies and the soul of the solos. 

A celebration of art, music, culture, diversity and love featuring three brilliant musicians with divergent backgrounds and a common goal. Marcella Simien, Anne Harris and Guy Davis, multi-talented singers, instrumentalists and songwriters, came together to express the joy of music, food, family and culture.

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The singer and harp player for Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters, Diane Blue is out and about sporting a new project, recording a new album and carving out her place in the blues world as one of it's premier female voices.

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Matt Stubbs and Pat Faherty bring a fresh new take to the traditional sound of Memphis soul and blues from the late 1950's and early 1960's with a set of well crafted covers and new and refreshing original music.

An old-school throwback to 1930's era Delta Blues done with impeccable authenticity and sporting a modern edge. Sugar Blood Jinx is yet another of the prolific, young blues artists circulating around Boston's thriving blues scene.

Willie J. Laws comes from a long line of significant American music lineage including his uncle, jazz master Ronnie Laws...you can always tell a musician who grew up around great musicians. He'll always surrounded himself with a host of incredible players.

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Reservations for all events at The Fallout Shelter at The Grass Roots Cultural and Performing Arts Center on YAPSODY.

The former lead guitarist and musical director for the Gregg Allman Band moves on following Allman's death with a new album, a new tour, a new band and a heavy heart. What he learned from conversations with the master over a ten year period is to have passion, heart and be true to the music.

Looking back at 25 years of making music with Michelle 'Evil Gal' Willson was a monumental undertaking for the band leader, singer, composer...what to pick? who to pick? What gets left out? Willson picks music that suits her vibe, her low smoky vocals and mid-century 'bad girl' overtones...this is classic bluesy jazz from a stage full of masters.

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He's probably Boston's best current pure pop music export. A vintage soul navigating modern times through the lens of a prolific songwriting career. His songs are powerful vignettes of the everyday lives he brings to life through his music.

Leaner and focused, The Black Lillies are gearing up for their first release of the post Trisha Gene Brady era in September and while the band has always been a great band, this configuration will be the one that brings the Black Lillies to stratospheric levels.

Guy Davis has traveled the world telling stories about life and keeping the art of traditional American Blues music alive for most of his life. He's an authentic throwback to an era of great blues masters in both style and substance. A master on guitar, terrific singer, brilliant songwriter and monumental entertainer.

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