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the guide to the extended play sessions

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Dear Friends of the Fallout Shelter,


We want to express our appreciation for the support you have shown the Extended Play Sessions for the past several years. The opportunity to gather in a shared experience enjoying live music with talented musicians is rewarding and valuable to all of us – most especially the artists. 


The health and safety of our patrons, staff, and performing artists is our primary concern. Starting today, in order to provide safety for the artists, public and staff we will not have any patrons in the Fallout Shelter until further notice. Therefore, our streaming capability through YouTube becomes vital. It will

    • Provide each and every friend of the Fallout Shelter to be a part of a shared experience, and

    • Provide the critical financial support necessary to keep our doors open and our musicians paid.


Your donations, through YouTube or otherwise, will sustain the Fallout Shelter Studios and the musicians we all care about, for the foreseeable future. 


Thanks you for your understanding, we would not exist without you. We know the musicians feel the same way. 


With deep respect and gratitude,


Bill Hurley

Executive Director 

Grass Roots Cultural and Performing Arts Center