Guy Davis has spent his musical life carrying his message and music around the world, from the Equator to the Arctic Circle, from the Plains of Kansas to the tundra of Siberia.  His work as a singer, musician, actor, writer, and music teacher have earmark him as a renaissance man of the Arts. What music and acting have in common, he explains, “is that I don’t like people to see the hard work and the sweat that goes into what I do. I want them to hear me and be uplifted.”  Davis’ much-praised 1995 debut, Stomp Down the Rider on Red House Records, marked the arrival of a major talent, earning acclaim for his deft acoustic playing, his well-‐traveled voice and his literate, yet highly accessible songwriting. He’s barely rested since then, taking his music to television (the Conan O’Brien and David Letterman shows) and radio ( Mountain Stage, World Cafe, E-Town), as well as performing at theaters and festivals around the globe.  He played the Ukraine in summer of 2014, just a week or so before the statues of Lenin were torn down. He even played for the visiting Queen of Denmark when he performed at a children’s home in Greenland. “I feel like I’ve only hit three corners of the world, with a lot more to go,” he says.

When he's not paying tribute to the great blues musicians and their contributions to the American cultural fabric, Guy Davis can tend to take on a deeply introspective view with his music. Songs like "I Wish I Hadn't Stayed Away So Long" written about being on the road and not being present for the death of his mother, the late Ruby Dee show a side of Guy Davis that exposes regret and sorrow while offering a lesson to all of us about being present in the lives of those we love while also coming to grips with our own reality and mortality. Equally poignant is "Taking Just a Little Bit of Time" which is a lesson in life about stopping to smell the roses and enjoy the simpler side of life in times when we are all so attached to the tumult and turmoil of life.

Guy Davis is a master guitarist, singer and songwriter and a throwback to the days of troubadour story tellers traveling from town to town to entertain and spread the gospel that is folk/blues music.


Guy Davis - guitar, vocals, harmonica



The Session Crew

Produced and edited by:
Bill Hurley

Maribeth Arena

Bill Hurley
H. Nat Stevens

Eric Nordstrom
Connor Quigley

Mixed by:
Connor Quigley

Lighting/Special Effects:
Rick Smith

Stage Production:
Gerry Earabino

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