JIMMY vivino & the blue soul Rockers

The first thing you notice when you watch Jimmy Vivino is that he embodies his music. Vivino didn't just play with some of the greats of blues and soul music, he took a little something away from each of those encounters...some soul, mojo...something you can't quite put your finger on but each of those larger than life personalities, at least in the musician's world, left a little DNA in Jimmy Vivino. Whether he's channeling Howlin' Wolf or the Wolf's longtime guitarist Hubert Sumlin, the Meters or the vocals of Cyril Neville, Vivino is giving it to you with authenticity, soul, heart and it's coming in first hand. His place in the pantheon of great guitarists and blue-eyed-soul singers is secure but above all else, Jimmy Vivino is preserving an original American art form, soul and blues music. He's got his own spin, his own chapter in the history book but he makes sure you know the chapters written before him are the one's he read to create his own. He's worked in television and film and as a producer and side guitarist on many notable recordings.

When Jimmy Vivino embarked on his current US Tour he solicited the best rhythm sections from different regions of the country and brought in local guitar or vocal legends along the way to make each show a bit more personal to the audience. it's a great approach to touring and probably not hard to get musicians who would leap and the chance to join the blues and soul legend on the stage. In New England it was Jesse Williams on bass and Mark Texeira on drums, both seasoned veterans with impeccable resumes in the genre.

The Meters pretty much invented the funk, soul, swamp sound that emanated from New Orleans in the 1970's. Their monumental album "Fire on the Bayou" in 1975 spawned the hit 'Love Slip Up On Ya' and Vivino, Williams and Texeira rip it up on this arrangement. True to the original but Vivino takes it up on the blues notch a bit.

"Fool's Gold" is a Vivino original from the jimmy Vivino and The Black Italians, a live album released in 2013 that also contains "Fat Man" another original song that channels the swampy, New Orleans tone that permeates much of Vivino's vibe.

Jimmy Vivino & The Blue Soul Rockers

Jimmy Vivino - guitar, vocals

Jesse Williams - bass, vocals

Mark Texeira - drums

The Session Crew

Produced and edited by:
Bill Hurley

Ellen Snyder

Bill Hurley
H. Nat Stevens
Joanne Craig

Eric Nordstrom
Connor Quigley

Mixed by:
Connor Quigley

Lighting/Special Effects:
Rick Smith

Stage Production:
Gerry Earabino

Dan Busler Photography